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Cinema and Film : Finding Books and Films

Resources related to the area of film and cinema studies at Berkeley City College.

Selected Titles in Film

Finding films in the BCC catalog

How to find media (DVD, VHS, exc. ) in the library's catalog:

1. From the library's catalog page, select More Searches from the upper right corner and drop-down the menu to Advanced Keyword

2. Enter your search terms such a film title or director's name

3. Below the search fields in Add Limits (optional) select DVD/video/exc. as the Material Type

4. Hit Submit


Finding E-Books and Film Reviews

Finding Films in the Berkeley Public Library Catalog

How to find DVDs, VHS, and other media in the public library catalog:

1. Go to the advanced search page of the library's online catalog.

2. Type in the title, director, or key words related to your film.

3. Under "format" select DVD or VHS.

4. Click SEARCH.

Search for Books in the Peralta Colleges

Search for Books at Berkeley Public Library