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Academic and Career Counseling Resources: Finding Academic Resources

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Tips for Studying Efficiently


Popular Vs. Scholarly Sources

Popular Sources

  • written by journalists for a general audience
  • language is easily understood by general reader
  • articles are usually shorter
  • articles give a broad overview or tell a personal story

Scholarly Sources

  • written by scholars or experts in the field
  • language is specific to the field or industry
  • articles are usually longer
  • articles cover a narrow topic and give in-depth analysis
  • articles contain a bibliography or footnotes

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POPULAR SOURCES: Magazines and Newspapers



Why Cite?

A citation is a brief reference to a specific information source such as a book, a journal article, or a website that you have used in an assignment giving the author(s) credit for their contribution to your work. Citation is also one of the ways you will show your instructor that you have done your required research.

How to Cite

There are three major citation styles used for most academic papers. Your instructor may have a preference for which style to follow so make sure to pay attention to your assignment instructions. Each citation style has its own method for formatting citations and bibliographies, below are some great manuals and websites to help you format your resources used in your assigment:

MLA - Modern Language Association of America

APA - American Psychological Association

Chicago Manual Style (16th Edition) 

Online Citation Tools

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