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History 7A - History of the United States to 1877: Writing and Citing

APA Format for Images

Basic Format for an Electronic Image

Creator’s last name, First and middle initial (Role of creator). (Year image was created). Title of work [Type of work], Retrieved Month Day, Year, from: address of website


Knowles-Carter, B.G. (Photographer). (2014). Formal with Jay-Z [Photograph], Retrieved September 28, 2015, from:

  • If you can’t find the year the image was created, use "n.d." instead of a year.
  • If the creator’s name is unknown use the first few words of the image’s title

If the title is unknown then include a brief description of the image

Citing your sources

Why should you cite your sources?

Citing your sources shows your reader the pathway you used to build your argument. It acknowledges that you consulted other sources to draw your conclusions and demonstrates that you know how to do research. Not citing your sources is considered stealing aother person's ideas, research and work.

What should you cite?

  • Direct quotes that you take from any other source (including print and non-print sources)
  • Paraphrases and summaries that you take from other sources
  • Information, data, graphs, statistics or other facts that you do not generate yourself
  • Images, videos, screenshots, logos and other media you find on the Web'

How should you cite?

Ask your instructor what citation style they prefer, or if they have specific guidelines for citation. Otherwise, choose one of the styles below and stick to it.