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Popular Magazines From the Library: Online Full Text Magazines

Click for easy access to the full contents of popular magazines.

     Scientific American Mind Magazine cover imageAdventure Cyclist magazine cover imageAdvocate magazine cover imageAstronomy magazine cover imageSmithsonian magazine cover imageTime magazine cover imageSports Illustrated magazine cover imageBay Nature magazine cover imageInc magazine cover imageMIT Technology Review magazine cover image

How Can Popular Magazines Help Students?

Magazines and Trade Journals:

  • Are written for a wide audience to be informative, enticing, easy to read, and relaxing (a way to escape from stress).
  • Are able to be rich in graphics using lots of photos, illustrations, infographics, or charts
  • Support "reading" which is a gateway skill to all academic (and a good deal of life) success
  • Enhances job knowledge via trade journals which convey practitioner focused information in a easy to read manner.

Benefits of casual reading or popular magazines & trade journals relevant to your area of studies:

  • Learn the reliable, and often long established, reputable sources of information for your field 
  • Systematically expose yourself to the leading issues and challenges in your field, and thought leaders.
  • Learn of the leading employers, industry/market leaders, regulators, think tanks, sources of continuing education
  • See industry calendars, conference announcements, meetings, & exhibits (interviews take place at many conferences)
  • Be exposed to the vocabulary and jargon of your field. This is advantageous for your resume and for job interviews.


  • Use the "subject" tabs on the left to quickly navigate to magazines by topic.
  • More than 90 online magazines/trade journals from BCC library databases have been connected with quick links.
  • The full contents of one specific issue of a magazine can be easily read cover-to-cover.
  • For magazines published as a PDF, all graphic content is included minus advertising.

Not Seeing a Publication You Really Like?

If there is a popular magazine or trade journal that you really like, buy don't find here, email:

If your publication is in one of the databases that the Library buys, we'll see if we can expose through a link. Unfortunately, the library has no funds to secure an online magazine not already in a library database subscription.