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History 7A - History of the United States to 1877: Finding Articles


Start your search by using keywords. Keywords for history research may include events, people, eras, issues, or other aspects of your topic. Here are some examples:

Abolition Movements

Fort Sumter

Gold Rush


Sojourner Truth

Combining Search Terms:

AND - narrows your search results by looking for two or more search terms at the same time. Results must include both terms.

OR - expands your search by giving results that include either term.

HISTORY SOURCES: Books, Journals, Magazines

Library databases can be accessed from on or off the BCC campus. If you are off campus you will be prompted to give your ID and password (ID is your name and password is your student ID number).

POPULAR AND SCHOLARLY SOURCES: Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers


Popular Vs. Scholarly Sources

Popular Sources

  • written by journalists for a general audience
  • language is easily understood by general reader
  • articles are usually shorter
  • articles give a broad overview or tell a personal story

Scholarly Sources

  • written by scholars or experts in the field
  • language is specific to the field or industry
  • articles are usually longer
  • articles cover a narrow topic and give in-depth analysis
  • articles contain a bibliography or footnotes