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English Language and Literature: Finding Articles

A guide to resources in English language and literature.

Popular Vs. Scholarly Sources

Popular Sources

  • written by journalists for a general audience
  • language is easily understood by general reader
  • articles are usually shorter
  • articles give a broad overview or tell a personal story

Scholarly Sources

  • written by scholars or experts in the field
  • language is specific to the field or industry
  • articles are usually longer
  • articles cover a narrow topic and give in-depth analysis
  • articles contain a bibliography or footnotes


Literary criticism and scholarly articles

Library databases can be accessed from on or off the BCC campus. If you are off campus you will be prompted to give your ID and password (ID is your name and password is your student ID number).

Book reviews and popular sources

Google Scholar

Search Google Scholar for schoarly articles on the Web.

HINT: Scholar works better if you choose BERKELEY CITY COLLEGE from the "library links" button.

1. Open Google Scholar

2. Select the settings icon from the upper right corner

3. Select Library Links from the left side of the page

4. Enter "Berkeley City College," and select from the list provided

Google Scholar Search