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Open Educational Resources (OER) at Berkeley City College

The BCC Library is assisting faculty in the adoption of OER textbooks and other teaching materials

Librarians Can Help You Find OER

For Librarian assistance with your OER textbook search, contact BCC OER librarians:

Heather Dodge, Head Librarian,  OER Project co-lead for BCC at, Office phone: (510) 981-2964 or

Jenny Yap, Librarian, OER Project co-lead for BCC at, Office phone: (510) 981-2828

How BCC Librarians Can Help You - the Comparison Matrix

The BCC OER (College Textbook Affordability Act AB 798) project grant for 2017-2018 includes specific funding to task campus librarians to provide BCC campus faculty with detailed and extended assistance in identifying suitable OER candidate textbooks for possible adoption at BCC.

BCC librarians have developed a standardized comparison tool (a comparison matrix) that systematizes the comparison of an OER candidate textbook against a currently used commercial textbook that is assigned for use for a course at BCC. The matrix can also compare several candidate OER textbooks against one another.

Here's an example of the matrix. One of the currently used commercial textbooks ( a Cengage publication) is compared against an OER offering. This comparison table was developed for the Berkeley City College course

BUS 5 "Human Relations in Business." 

As a first step for faculty, BCC OER librarians may produce a table that lists and briefly compares several OER candidates s for an initial look. Here is an example matrix,

CHEM 012A-B Organic Chemistry OER Comparison Matrix Mar-26-2017

 A more detailed comparison matrix such that the shown for BUS 5 can be created as a next step. 

 Click here for a comparison matrix for "Psychology 1A." 

Contact BCC OER librarians for assistance with your OER textbook search.

This matrix created for the Spring 2018 BCC OER Institute lists attending faculty, course name, the current textbook, possible OER titles, and the OER repositories examined for each instructor.

OER REPOSITORIES - the short list for Berkeley City College

Numerous repositories of OER materials exist. The short list below is focused on repositories that best match community college students. These are also repositories that faculty and librarians at BCC have looked at the most closely. If you want a much wider look at the world of OER offerings, view the "Extended Listings" box below this one. The box on the right explains how BCC librarians can help you filter through these repositories to find potential candidate OER textbooks.

OER Repositories With Textbooks That Are Well Suited to Community College (Lower Division) Students

Notable Discipline Specific OER repositories

Below are High Quality OER Repositories With Textbooks Aimed at Students in 4 year Institutions and Beyond

OER Extended Listings

The range and depth of OER materials is very broad. The links below will take you to LibGuides featuring extended lists of OER materials covering a wide range of disciplines and academic levels.

If you feel even a bit overwhelmed with the number of OER titles, contact a BCC OER librarian, we'll be happy to assist you.

OASIS a new SUNY OER Search Tool

oasis logo

‚ÄčAdvanced Search

OASIS (Openly Available Sources Integrated Search) - an OER search tool from SUNY.

Enter a keyword e.g.,  Biology, Cortez, Pomo, STEM, Art History, Calculus, Chen

Assistance With Finding Ancilliary Teaching Objects

Licensed Content from the Library's Subscription Accounts

Another approach is for faculty to use readings, media, and streaming media that is available through the BCC library's subscription databases. For example, the BCC library has streaming media accounts, that provide (free-of -charge to students and faculty) 24/7 access to streaming media on campus or when away from campus. These subscription accounts allow faculty to create custom playlists, and to designate custom video segments for playback.

Click here to download a comparison matrix that lists specific videos and their links from Kanopy and Films on Demand, that could support teaching of a variety of Psychology courses.  

Contact campus librarians to assist you in discovering desired teaching resources from the Library's numerous database subscriptions.