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Open Educational Resources (OER) at Berkeley City College

The BCC Library is assisting faculty in the adoption of OER textbooks and other teaching materials

BCC OER Institute 2018-2019 - Stay Tuned!

The BCC library's first two OER Institutes were a great success! Check here for news of future plans for an Institute during the Fall 2018, Spring 2019 semesters.

Download the event agenda for the Spring 2018 Institute. 

Downloadable CANVAS Shells Built Around OPENSTAX Textbooks

In your Canvas account search in the Canvas "Commons" for  "OPENSTAX" to view a listing for pre-built downloadable courses shells that have incorporated OPENSTAX titles.


Screen of Canvass Shells for Openstax Textbooks

The OPENSTAX Biology Course Shell

Here's a screen shot of the course shell built around OPENSTAX's Biology textbook.

OPENSTAX Biology course shell in Canvas

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro to Cut-up a Large PDF File

Some OER adopters find that their adopted OER textbook, published as a PDF, are offered as one massive PDF file. Very large PDF files can create difficulties for students when downloading, storing, or printing.

The BCC library now has Adobe Acrobat Pro installed on all of the library's PCs. Adobe Acrobat Pro is different from Adobe Acrobat Adobe Acrobat PDF logoReader;  Acrobat Pro enables editing and resizing of PDF files.

If you need assistance with cutting your OER PDF textbook into smaller files, such as splitting one large PDF file into a PDF file for each chapter, the BCC librarians for help you with this task.

Click to link to the official Adobe instructions teaching you how to "split one or more documents into multiple smaller documents."